Friday, April 18, 2014


    Photos by Lindsay Decker

April 18th, Unusual Operation Operation hosted AIR - an interactive, up-oriented art exhibit that featured hanging photos by Jewel Wilson, suspended by balloons of varied sized and elevations installed by Stewart//Montague and a sound performance by Josh McAbee, Cameron Winn, and David Slega of Thyme Fliez. Balloon sculptures by Rebecca Kiser. Sweet treats by culinary artists Chris Reynolds and Kameron Creagar.

Harold Gunderman, of Twist A Mint Balloons Saint Johns, MI, made twists for tips, displayed balloon designs, and an online project entitled Balloons Around the World.

New this month we featured a permanent piece by one of Flint's favorite artists, Pauly M. Everett, a ceiling-to-floor wall mural. You can check out more of Pauly's work on Facebook and Instagram @flintundergroundkid

Install: Stewart//Montague
Photography: Jewel Wilson
Twists: Harold Gunderman 
Paint: Pauly M. Everett
Sculptures: Rebecca Kiser
Tastes: Chris Reynolds and Kameron Creagar
Sounds: Thyme Fliez

When: Friday, April 18th, 6-10pm
Where: Stone Street Residency
605 Stone St. Flint, MI

Curated by Stewart//Montague