Friday, August 22, 2014


Not everything in this world is clear-cut. 
A kaleidoscope of convictions and affiliations constantly hovers before our eyes, coloring and even obstructing our view of the world. 
It’s as though our houses have dirty windows, and we’re trying to make sense of what’s going on outside.
We only see what our eyes can make out through the dirt and grime on the windowpanes, and we use this incomplete knowledge to interpret every thing.
What if, however, we cleaned those windowpanes?  What if we emphasized the importance of edification instead of our personal allegiances?  What if we focused on establishing a healthy community rather than our individual desires?
What would the world look like if we allowed our personal convictions and opinions to only enrich our view of the world, instead of blinding us to it? – Jessica Buchanan

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Famous instigator, cultural icon, and wild menace — fire has been re-figuring the landscape around us for hundreds of thousands of years.  Flames are a symbol of energy, passion, and fearlessness; a merciless but seductive force, spurring growth in a wake of ash. This exhibition seeks to spark a conversation about the reality and romance of fire in the city of Flint.
Unusual Operation Operation, an alternative art space, presents:

Cool Fires
718 Stone Street
Flint, MI
5 - 9 PM
Featuring works by:
Abe Lampert
Alexis Johnson
Ben Smith
Bryce Lamson
Eric Hinds
Hannah Kovalchek
Jake Pierson
Jon Waites
Keith Smith
Mike Lopez
Ryan Gregory
Tyler Baker

Guest curated by Nathan Dell and Melisa Morgan.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Flint, an artists play ground full of disused, vacant lots and abandoned homes. UOO ventured out and reclaimed one of Carriage Town's many empty shells and re-imagined the old building with new possibilities with their June Exhibit VIOLET.

Violet, often representing royalty and wealth was the dominant hue to inhabit a deteriorating vacant single-family home at 718 Stone St. with blooming ceiling-to-floor installations, found object sculptures and drawings of a vast violet geometric landscape. The semi-permanent exhibit will remain installed in the house to remind viewers that the left over shells are still here to be used for other purposed. 

• Jessica Buchanan: Egg Carton Installation
• Willie Mccraw Jr: Geometric Landscape
• Klaus Pinter: Foldable Prints
• Cory Kram: Video Projection
• Melissa Morgan and Nathan Dell: Flyer Printing and Design
• Stewart//Montague: Found Object Installation

Friday, May 16, 2014


Flyer Print by Melisa Morgan and Nathan Dell

     Photo by Thomas Murray Hutchison

May 16, 2014, Unusual Operation Operation hosted EATUP, a food focused art exhibit, that featured works from artists, local to flint, and from across the country. A collection of Images were on display as the viewer approached the  plastic wrap tent where they enjoyed La Petite Eat an experimental video by Katina Bitsicas. Nathan Dell spun the sounds while Melisa Morgan invited guests to pull their own prints designed by her and Nathan. Take some tasty treats off of Stewart//Montague's installation before sitting down to read Tasting Notes by Levi Sherman. A selection of pills by Liz Wierzbicki's was on display to treat our viewers many ailments such as, Laboremagra (treats productivity disfunction). Also on display was designed food packaging made with shaped and folded screen Prints by Jonathan Stewart.

For those who missed AIR our partially deflated balloons filled one of the spare rooms and works from shows passed are installed throughout the residency as our permanent collection. 

Install: Stewart//Montague
Images: Lillian Sidebottom 
             Leanne Pratt
Video: Katina Bitsicas
Sounds: Nathan Dell
Prints: Melisa Morgan and Nathan Dell
Book: Levi Sherman
Pills: Liz Wierzbicki
Packaging: Jonathan Stewart

Curated by Stewart//Montague

When: Friday, May 16, 6-10pm
Where: Stone Street Residency
605 Stone St. Flint, MI

If you are interested in owning your own copy of Tasting Notes by Levi Sherman order here:

     Photo by Thomas Murray Hutchison

     Photo by Thomas Murray Hutchison

     Photo by Thomas Murray Hutchison
     Photo by Thomas Murray Hutchison

     Photo by Thomas Murray Hutchison
     Photo by Thomas Murray Hutchison

Friday, April 18, 2014


    Photos by Lindsay Decker

April 18th, Unusual Operation Operation hosted AIR - an interactive, up-oriented art exhibit that featured hanging photos by Jewel Wilson, suspended by balloons of varied sized and elevations installed by Stewart//Montague and a sound performance by Josh McAbee, Cameron Winn, and David Slega of Thyme Fliez. Balloon sculptures by Rebecca Kiser. Sweet treats by culinary artists Chris Reynolds and Kameron Creagar.

Harold Gunderman, of Twist A Mint Balloons Saint Johns, MI, made twists for tips, displayed balloon designs, and an online project entitled Balloons Around the World.

New this month we featured a permanent piece by one of Flint's favorite artists, Pauly M. Everett, a ceiling-to-floor wall mural. You can check out more of Pauly's work on Facebook and Instagram @flintundergroundkid

Install: Stewart//Montague
Photography: Jewel Wilson
Twists: Harold Gunderman 
Paint: Pauly M. Everett
Sculptures: Rebecca Kiser
Tastes: Chris Reynolds and Kameron Creagar
Sounds: Thyme Fliez

When: Friday, April 18th, 6-10pm
Where: Stone Street Residency
605 Stone St. Flint, MI

Curated by Stewart//Montague