Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Famous instigator, cultural icon, and wild menace — fire has been re-figuring the landscape around us for hundreds of thousands of years.  Flames are a symbol of energy, passion, and fearlessness; a merciless but seductive force, spurring growth in a wake of ash. This exhibition seeks to spark a conversation about the reality and romance of fire in the city of Flint.
Unusual Operation Operation, an alternative art space, presents:

Cool Fires
718 Stone Street
Flint, MI
5 - 9 PM
Featuring works by:
Abe Lampert
Alexis Johnson
Ben Smith
Bryce Lamson
Eric Hinds
Hannah Kovalchek
Jake Pierson
Jon Waites
Keith Smith
Mike Lopez
Ryan Gregory
Tyler Baker

Guest curated by Nathan Dell and Melisa Morgan.