Sunday, June 15, 2014


Flint, an artists play ground full of disused, vacant lots and abandoned homes. UOO ventured out and reclaimed one of Carriage Town's many empty shells and re-imagined the old building with new possibilities with their June Exhibit VIOLET.

Violet, often representing royalty and wealth was the dominant hue to inhabit a deteriorating vacant single-family home at 718 Stone St. with blooming ceiling-to-floor installations, found object sculptures and drawings of a vast violet geometric landscape. The semi-permanent exhibit will remain installed in the house to remind viewers that the left over shells are still here to be used for other purposed. 

• Jessica Buchanan: Egg Carton Installation
• Willie Mccraw Jr: Geometric Landscape
• Klaus Pinter: Foldable Prints
• Cory Kram: Video Projection
• Melissa Morgan and Nathan Dell: Flyer Printing and Design
• Stewart//Montague: Found Object Installation